Why I Created PottyCap!

The Problem

Incontinence a­ffects approximately 13 million Americans --- 85% of whom are women. As a practicing physical therapist of 40 years, I encounter the consequences of this problem daily when treating patients with fall-related injuries.  I did not consider the seriousness of this problem until I met a patient who brought it to my attention.

While assisting this patient off a­ bedpan, major spillage occurred on her clothes and bedding. She posed a question to me. “Why are there no urinals for women to use? You would think they would come up with something where woman wouldn’t have to do this on their backs.” I explained to her that there are urinals for women. She immediately frowned and asked, “Have you ever tried using them?” At the moment she asked her question, a friend of hers walked in holding a baseball cap, and that sparked the idea for a female urinal.

The Pursuit

I shared the idea with my mom, and she encouraged me to pursue it. I had no idea six years later that Mom would encounter the problem of incontinence prior to her death in January 2016.  Immediately, I began the patent process for my urinal device. Based on­ the design of a baseball cap, I called it PottyCap.

The Process

The big break came through collaboration with engineers from a local university in the making of the first prototype. Through trials and numerous changes recommended by patients and other health care professionals, PottyCap is now a reality.

The Purpose

PottyCap is designed to give women urinal independence in any and all instances of daily living. In medical and long-term care facilities, the PottyCap can offer renewed freedom, convenience, and ease of use ---especially when getting to the bathroom in a timely manner is not an option. Additionally, the PottyCap greatly minimizes the use of a bedpan.  The design of the PottyCap  is unique because it is more in line with the way women urinate and will be a welcome relief to many!

Faye Pryor, Physical Therapist

Faye Pryor, Physical Therapist

Creator of PottyCap

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