These women love it and you will too!

“Very much needed in the home with women having incontinence issues.”

Incontinence Patient, Age 56

"I was able to sit on the side of the bed and use it without asking for help and the best feeling was to wake up in the morning in a dry bed!”

COPD & Incontinence Patient, Age 68

"Regardless of age, illness, or injury,
this bedside aide can serve anyone and prevent falls.”

Arthritis & Leg Fracture Patient, Age 66

“Having the PottyCap during the birth of our baby made a tremendous difference."

Pregnant Woman, Age 34

"After my therapist trained me on the use of the PottyCap, I could manage it without assistance at night and easily get back to sleep!”

Below Knee Amputee Patient, Age 70

"The first portable urinal you can put in place and not hold the entire time."

Incontinence Patient, Age 55

Designed by a Physical Therapist Specifically for Women

The PottyCap is a portable urinal developed by a physical therapist. The need stems from the number of women who enter long term care facilities and are either in the process of losing or have lost the ability to control their urination, thereby causing multiple problems from wet garments to falls trying to get to the bathroom. The most common problem for women in health care settings is bedpan usage, because of the unnatural position of lying on their backs to urinate. While female urinals exist, patients have reported they are difficult to use.

Thus the PottyCap was created.  

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